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APIs and Integrations

Entrio’s open platform of APIs, native integrations, and deep links make it quick and easy to connect to any system, so that you can focus on optimizing and upgrading your tech stack right away.

We can deliver value in days, not months.

Key Benefits of Entrio APIs

Entrio APIs provide a standard way to access the data and insights in our platform, giving you the flexibility to choose how to use Entrio within your organization.

Enrich your catalog

Leverage our robust, 1,600+ node taxonomy and always-updating data to enrich your existing catalog and keep it accurate. Receive proactive vendor and solution alerts to stay on top of any potential risks.

Find solutions & overlap

Search for new solutions by name or domain. Discover redundant solutions and consolidation opportunities. Match solution level information to vendors with one unique Entrio ID.

Promote reusability

Incorporate Entrio into your Permit to Buy process by querying the new, proposed solution and comparing its capabilities to the solutions already in your tech stack.

Available APIs

Get Company

Get unbiased, up-to-date data about a vendor, their solutions, the business functions each solution falls under, and the features of each solution.

Get Companies by Domain

Find vendors and solutions based on domains, such as RPA. Entrio will return vendors already engaged with your organization and from the broader marketplace.

Get Alternatives

Find alternative solutions already engaged with your organization or in the broader marketplace.

Get Alerts

Receive alerts* for select vendors detected in a specific date range.

Permit to Buy

Incorporate Entrio into your Permit to Buy process.

Get Company ID

Unify vendors and solutions with one unique Entrio ID.

* Alerts are customizable but default alerts fall into the following categories: Vulnerabilities, key executive changes, funding, acquisitions, partnerships, recognitions, integrations, product updates, end of life / end of support, certifications, headcount reductions, and litigations.

How Entrio APIs Work

The Entrio platform contains an integration layer that handles both incoming integration requests and outgoing integration calls. This layer makes it easy to integrate to any other internal system that can use or provide REST APIs.

Our flexible API infrastructure, combined with our unique classification engine and a scheduled processors platform, provide the ability to connect to any external system that supports REST APIs.

Other Entrio Integrations

Identity provider & SSO

Entrio supports SAML based SSO, which makes it easy to connect to your organization’s identity provider in order to login.

Workflows & notifications

Request data from any Entrio API in Teams / Slack. Dedicate a channel to alerts, allow anyone in the org to find alternative solutions, and incorporate this into your Permit to Buy process.

Embed solution profiles

Embed deep links to Entrio solution profiles within existing platforms (e.g. Ariba, Ivalua, ServiceNow, etc.) to access enriched,  up-to-date information, whether you're a registered Entrio user or not.

Need something? Entrio has the flexibility to create and add any integration that may be needed. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements. 

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