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Don’t settle for manual and stale catalogs. Tech up right with an always-on, self-updating catalog of solutions.

Entrio catalogs software (on-prem and SaaS), hardware, business functions, market data solutions, and professional services, leveraging the most robust taxonomy (1,600+ nodes) in the market and delivers insights for optimizing those solutions.

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Easily discover and reuse solutions

Search by any domain or solution in the market with an intuitive search index and endless data. 

Generate new solution profiles automatically with the click of a button
Drill down to find solutions for specific bank units, categories, products, and features
Connect to Permit to Buy workflows to flag possible duplications or quickly onboard new solutions
Screenshot of Entrio consolidation opportunity snapshot.

Consolidate and save big

Instantly detect duplications, identify consolidation opportunities, and prioritize accordingly within each solution category.

Rationalize and plan vendor decisions with customizable matrices based on your KPIs
View detailed comparisons between 2-10 potential and existing solutions
Discover what people in your organization think about your solutions with sentiment score

Calculate your savings with Entrio

Screenshot of Entrio's peer benchmarking dashboard

Compare with and gain insights from peers

Understand macro-level trends and identify solutions adopted by similar organizations.

Compare total number of solutions and spend to your peers through aggregated and anonymized data
Learn what solutions your peers are using and searching for to see what is trending
Discover what people in other organizations think about solutions and learn from their experience
Screenshot of Entrio's resiliency dashboard.

Ensure compliance and readiness

Monitor real-time vendor insights and receive daily alerts on product updates, vulnerabilities, certifications, and more. Assess business continuity and shore up any vulnerabilities. 

Identify vendors and solutions critical to your organization from both a business and technological perspective
Flag potential risk concentration in critical or important functions and discover alternative options for any critical solution
Monitor and get alerts on a range of criteria including corporate actions, vulnerabilities, integrations, product updates, headcount reductions, and more

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